Product Feature

Unique Selling Point

In today’s heavily competitive environment, who better than the team of food services research experts at Harris/Decima to help put you back into unique. We have worked with industry leaders in both Canada and the United States, and have garnered a wealth of experience that we look forward to sharing with you.

We know that special occasions drive guests into restaurants, but it is good food, atmosphere, and price that mostly keep them coming back. However, they first need to know you, think of you, associate something unique and compelling about visiting you and not someone else. It is therefore more important than ever to identify how you stand out from your competitive set. We offer a powerful and strategic approach to determining a restaurant’s unique selling point – what is truly unique about you.

Virtual Shelf

The True to Life Online Shopping Experience

Today’s retail sector is rapidly changing. New channels and technologies are creating new customer expectations and experiences. Harris/Decima Virtual Shelf provides you with the keen insights necessary to use packaging, point- of-sale displays, and merchandising to create uniquely cohesive marketing plans.

Uniquely Canadian

All too often U.S. marketing strategies are assumed to be fully transferrable to Canadian markets. Consequently, your results can be suboptimal. Now more than ever, your investments must be on target and show solid returns to the bottom line.

What it comes down to is this – Canadians are unique. We have distinct priorities, expectations, concerns, and values. Our economic and political environment is different, and of course, the competitive dynamics across our geographically and culturally diverse land are uniquely Canadian. As a result, our consumer choices and behaviours can be very different from our US counterparts.

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